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About TuSuBee

Influential, innovative and progressive, TUSUBEE is reinventing a wholly traditional approach to fashion. Today This ethical brand beginning in 2020 as a humble means to empower rural artisans to rise above poverty. TUSUBEE reinvents products for those fashion conscious people who has no age limit at heart and cherish traditions and heritage.

All major weaving regions have been our priority, in terms of fabric including cotton, endy, silk, jamdani and other variants as it is always. These fabrics have been patterned with both trendy and traditional techniques and then ornamented with eeri, zardousi, sequin-work, cut-work, applique, embroidery, knot stitch, kantha stitch, satin stitch, tie n’ dye, block print and screen print keeping the present flow in mind, we have used all basic colors in various shades and in special schemes. Revolutionizing the retail industry with high standards for quality and artistry, this iconic brand blends the traditional with the contemporary in ways that never cease to win consumer appeal both at home and abroad. A significant number of grass-root level artisans and small entrepreneurs scattered at various parts of the country came forward with their goods, materials and expertise and accelerated the growth of TUSUBEE infrastructure. The collections available at TUSUBEE Online are exclusively curated by our team to make your online shopping experience a breeze. We are certain you will find the most appealing ensembles by some of the country’s biggest traditional & modern fusion. TUSUBEE Online is redefining luxury fashion and customer experience in Bangladesh with the most delectable dresses and outfits, both Bangladeshi and Western.

Our People

TuSuBee made up of wonderful individuals who have professional intuit and share the values that help improve the lives of artisans while protecting and creating the legacy of quintessential Bangladeshi Weavers, Taants and their unique identities.

TuSuBee is an established leader in its market in terms of professionalism, service excellence, competitiveness and innovation. Our team consists of the most skilled personnel in each field involved – management, design, production operation, quality control, export and logistics.

Our Values

TuSuBee is a brand name equivalent to the essence of six yard of elegance, beauty and class. The brand is associated with the idea of great quality because over the years, it has aim to consistently producing the best products of our cultural heritage in the form of beautiful and Sarees.

We value innovation that creates opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. We strive to display global leadership in ground-breaking development initiatives. We value integrity, because transparency and accountability are the most essential elements of our work ethic. With clear policies and procedures, we continue to display the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings. We value effectiveness in all our work, which constantly challenge ourselves to perform better and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions

Our Artisans

It is in the slow and steady changing of the lives of thousands of Weavers across Bangladesh that we are brought face to face with the true impact of an organization, which has so far come into the limelight only for its commercial success.

Weavers, hand loom and silk weavers, Jamdani weavers, hill tracts weavers and embroiders are but some of the skilled people who come from all over Bangladesh root level means villages who make TuSuBee what it is. TuSuBee supports 20 artisans, 50 per cent of whom are women work through in independent workshops and traditional family-based artisan groups. Some other as well come to TuSuBee for support in marketing their products.

TuSuBee strength comes from its teams of skilled artisans. We hold close the same mission that we started out with, to empower and include the most disadvantage neglected weavers. Every artisan who works in TuSuBee-owned production facilities is also a client of TuSuBee.